Tuesday, August 16, 2011


And now for a story.

A few weeks ago I asked not few camera and camera repair establishments if they could fix the shutter on my camera, to which I usually received the annoying response of "Oh, no, not that camera." Somehow, the artsy-fartsy locale of Santa Fe only could muster a "Maybe, if we get the parts, which isn't likely," and another place in New Jersey told me that if they would it would take quite a while.

Then I ran across a listing for the Encinitas Photo Center in California, and when I hesitantly asked the woman on the phone "...would you repair the shutter on a Contax II?" and then heard her say "Oh yes," I nearly exploded.

My camera is on its way home, repaired and fully cleaned and tuned up (for the first time since 1970), and I am very excited indeed. I'd say give them a call if you have camera repair needs, at least if you have a Contax. So there you have it.


I'll be experimenting with color film soon too. No, I don't have a place to learn how to develop and print it, plus I've heard it's rather bothersome. I will be getting to take another B&W photo class (read: make like a bandit with free darkroom time) and experimenting with more B&W film too.

Additionally: I'm going to try and sell prints. Yes. Get ready to make a really big fuss and tell all your friends (or acquaintances who would hire me for something, that's also good)!

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