Saturday, September 17, 2011

Windows 3: Jean-Cocteau Theater

Glass block windows from the Jean-Cocteau Theater near downtown Santa Fe, NM.

I may or may not redo this with some split filtering; we'll see. I like it as it is, but it might need some playing with.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

glass lightning

This is one of the only shots I've ever set up. I rather like how it turned out, and I'm sure there will be more playing around with this sort of thing.

Tilt it all kinds of ways-- it still looks cool!

Do you want a print of this? Yes you do.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

思出す/to remember

There was once a 13-year-old kid who had never heard of something called "the World Trade Center," and could not understand why one of the older students was crying inconsolably.

"A plane flew into the World Trade Center!"
"...the whats?"

This kid's following thought was How could you possibly not miss a building? You are flying a plane. The entire school, which had been hosted at a National Guard building, was sent home.

A combination of confused and redundant news reports and a lack of information regarding what are the Twin Towers?? resulted in, perhaps unsurprisingly, near indifference. How much should I care? This is bad, yeah, but what is all this? Should I care? What's even going on?

The following weeks and months and years were, to this particular 13-year-old, a mix of annoyance and a deep sadness and acknowledgement of what happened-- the sort of thing that sits in you, without adequate verbal expression, taking a little while to be a little better understood-- the understanding that something very big and very terrible had happened, but the only real impact it seemed to really have was inconvenience.

A particularly memorable memory was that, after 9/11/01, each school day for the next year began with an armed National Guardsman walking up and down the aisle of the school bus. Some other kids joked "Maybe we should get towels and wrap them up like turbans on our heads, hahaha" and the 13-year-old we are concerned with was disgusted with the classmates' sarcasm.

Some things have changed, of course, but that's how it was. I certainly care more, and less because of the inconveniences.

You should listen to these-- some of the recordings from that day. They are, to me, more "catching" than the endless clips of buildings falling into themselves. You don't quite hear, but know, people walked out of this world and into the next. Frankly? That's still pretty weird for me.

by Mr. Hipp

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A store. It has happened.

Just opened up a shop on Etsy for my work. Check it out!

I am very excited. Maybe people will purchase stuff?

Yes there will be more than 4 things, but not right now. Tomorrow, perhaps.

locked and loaded

Faraday's loaded with color film for the first time in, oh, 6 months? Tomorrow I take in the color rolls shot with Maxwell and see how everything turned out.

Developed the first roll of film (B&W, of course) from Faraday since the repairs. I'm very happy to report there were no shutter issues.

  Tomorrow evening a local cigar shop is having a sort of shindig, which I will be attending with both Faraday and Maxwell. Hopefully no one will ash on them or spill anything on them; if this happens someone's getting a stogy to the eye. A lit stogy.

Wait, does anyone know what I'm talking about when I mention Faraday and Maxwell? Here, meet my staff:

There's also "Digi" the digital camera. It takes photos for me too.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

monarch butterflies

I'm starting to play with juxtaposing images, as you can see.

By the way, this signature, (c) R.B 2011 and the (c) axiophotography (dates) are equivalent; they're both me. This one was just what I smacked onto the image before I'd settled on a definite name.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I'm pleased to announce I've decided on a name for my photographic ventures, a name I can use as a watermark and for the new blog. It is, as the post title suggests, axiophotography. It was a close call between that and alethio(tography).

Axiology is the study and philosophy of values, the values we give things; alethiology is the study of truth. They are closely related, naturally, but one suits my projects better.

That being said, I'm starting to go through this blog, theBlagh, and watermark photos (finally, I know). If you see "(c) axiophotography" all over things, that's me, no I am not ripping myself off. I will put up a link to axiophotography on this blog, but I will not link to theBlagh from axiophotography.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

imitation A 19

Here are some shots of the final version of my imitation of Moholy-Nagy's painting, A 19. I modified it a bit, as you can see (concerning the circles).

That bizarre texturing in the red there near the left was done by whoever painted the canvas first. Alas! I think it works though.