Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An Attempt to Break Brokenness

So I was given the idea of doing something, anything, to help out people who are poor or otherwise needy. I'm specifically thinking of the Socorro area, but any ideas you have are welcome- in other words, I want your ideas. The more the merrier.

I don't care if your ideas involve Albuquerque, California or Bosnia or whatever, but I want your ideas. It doesn't matter if they're "feasible" or not, even.

Some ideas involve packing backpacks with food/other school supplies for elementary kids and middle schoolers, the Soco nursing home, and generally raising awareness about poverty (around the world or locally- I'm thinking specifically locally, but globally is of course fine).



Molly said...

Kaci and I used to just go to the Soc. Plaza and hang out there. Nothing too structured or anything, just hanging out. Eventually some of the older homeless/poor would come and ask us for a smoke, food, etc., and we would get into some pretty good conversations. Most of the people there just delighted in having someone new to talk to. I've considered doing something like getting 10 taco bell burritos and hanging out around the plaza and seeing who would come. It's not a huge deal, or even a big effort on my part, but it can lighten their days.

Good luck loving people! Let me know what you start. I'm looking forward to the comments that come too :)

Hat said...

Ooh, I like that. You have any day when you might have some time to do that? 'Cause I'd be down...

Schlake said...

When I was in High School we used to go to the Socorro Village on Square Dancing night and dance with the old people.

Kuroneko said...

I'd have to agree with Molly's strategy--if you're comfortable with it, that's a pretty hands-on way to get involved.
Me, I like to donate money to organizations that provide hot meals and provide thanksgiving and christmas meals to families in need during the holidays.
My church does "clean sock collection" to help provide clean socks, underwear, food and blankets to homeless people who live under the bridges near here.
Also there's the Angel Tree project where we buy toys at Christmas for children who might have a parent in prison.
There's ways, organized and independant. :)