Friday, August 14, 2009

Wishing for Everything and Nothing At All

I got bored with the old layout, so I changed it. But you knew that. I like that the banner makes it seem like I will be talking about a knowledgeable, techish sort of subject (or maybe some horrible sort of "Indie" topic), as opposed to artish stuff and Observations and the occasional random Other Post (which there have been too many of).

I also got quite bored with the NI3 story as it has been- so I changed it a bit too. The next page that goes up will be the beginning of the story, with good ol' use of the flashback to illustrate the part that has been drawn up so far.

I have been so very, very bored, for a very long time, and this is not a good thing. Sooner or later something, something big and highly interesting, will happen, and hopefully it won't interfere with my school too terribly much.

With all that said, I think I'll have to create categories: NI3, Observations, and Other. And *that* being said, I might have to put up something about my thoughts on "Indie" and girls vs. women.


Nagrom said...

"I might have to put up something about my thoughts on "Indie" and girls vs. women."
Please. I'd like to read them.

Not that I have anything in particular against personal log blogging, but, I think you have an important voice, and I'd be delighted to see more topic blogging from you.

Anonymous said...

it a wonderful thought...i like your expieriences...

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