Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Analog film-- first batch

As requested, here are the photos from my first run at taking photos with a 'real' camera. Most of these are a bit blurry, since I was playing around with aperture and shutter speed. It's my first batch, hey? I expect the other rolls I've done since are better.

A few notes-- most of these were taken either at dusk or at night, and the especially wibbly ones are that way on purpose: I like wibbly/streaky lights. Also, thanks to my scanner, the photos are a bit... liney. I didn't take two of these photos, and coincidentally one of them is of the better ones in this batch. Hah.


Andres said...

hey congrats! this is beautiful. I love film. :)

Molly Whitt said...

Love them! Well done :) Real film is so beautiful.

Will said...

4th image looks like it could have shown up in a batch of 'band on tour' photos from the 1970s.
Also, nice start with the film.