Monday, April 18, 2011

Rehashing, changing, fruit tree

As those who actually know me well can attest, I wobble between loathing and rather liking my drawing style. I like to think that I can draw decently, or at least scratch out something interesting, but truth be told I don't know what I'm doing (I don't think so, anyway). Certainly not when it comes to drawing faces: they're too childishly done, too similar, all too often placeholders for faces. I pick on faces, in particular, because I like to think that I can draw bodies, eyes, and hair with general realism or creative exaggeration. So as soon as I'm rid of school, which shouldn't be much longer, I'll draw again, and set about trying to actually draw faces.

I opened up my vault of drawings from the years since 8th grade yesterday to my other half, and it was very embarrassing.

Anyhow, for today have a photo--

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