Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shell swizzler

I'm not sure what these items are normally called, so I call them "swizzlers" usually. Firefox informs me that this is not a word, but I'm not sure this information is to be trusted given what else it tells me isn't a word.

This week I got to develop my first roll of film and produce my first photo print. Very exciting! It's really not too hard, in my opinion, but rather time-consuming and tedious. ....especially if the enlarger you're using has an excruciatingly dim bulb, causing you to go through four contact sheets before you realize "Ah, 40 seconds will be good." I'll scan these sometime, not sure when.


modestgoat said...

Hi, so this totally has nothing to do with this post, but are you the Rebecca Birch who used to live in Oak Harbor, Washington? Sometime over 10 years ago? If so, I'm an old friend of yours. I was just thinking about you, and thought I'd try to track you down on the internet. I found your blog through your Linked-in page.

Hat said...

Holy crap, Brian?

modestgoat said...

Haha, yup. I sent you a message on linked in