Friday, July 1, 2011

First batch of B&W photos

Some of you may know that I've been learning the tricks to black and white photography, including the developing and printing of such photographs.

I finally cleaned off the scanner, and have the prints that I am pleased with ready to upload. Huzzah, it's about damn time. I'll be posting one a day, instead of a bunch at once... see if you can figure out which ones involved a light meter in any fashion.

Now, I like abstraction, geometry, and, obviously, modernism. Gotta love good clean lines, and making people ask "What the hell is that?"


Molly Whitt said...

Stairs! I don't know where though... An amphitheater somewhere?

Hat said...

You're the first person to look at this and know what it is, hah. It's next to the new engineering wing at the SF community college.

Cory B. said...

Nice Hat! Good framing and composition. Hard to tell if it's my monitor, the exposure, or the scan, but it looks like the whites might be a little blown - although, in this case I don't think it hurts the aesthetics at all, quite a good piece of work really! :)

How big is the print? I fell in love with 11x17 paper when I was working in the darkroom.

Hat said...

Thanks :)

It's 8x10. The whites probably are a little blown-- I'd like to blame the light meter (this is the only print I've made so far where I'd actually used one...).

I didn't do anything to this other than pick a #3.5 filter and be done with it; I liked how it seems somewhat like a painting.