Saturday, February 5, 2011


Something about this doesn't sit right with me:

"The United States spends vastly more than any other rich nation on health care-- both as a share of the overall economy and on a per-person basis-- even though we are the only affluent democracy that doesn't guarantee insurance to all its citizens. ...And, of course, the United States has had a higher share of citizens without coverage than any other rich nation, and that share has been growing (Hacker and Pierson, 2010)."


Will said...

I agree. America gets a lot right, but healthcare is one area that could definitely be improved.

Hat said...

That's for sure. I'm not sure if Obamacare is even the right idea, but something needs to be done to give people some kind of care.

Atrus Oranis said...

The biggest question that everyone hates about the healthcare issue is "Who is going to pay for it?" It is then followed by "How do you make sure they pay for it?" and "What happens if they, for whatever reason, DON'T pay for it?" All these questions need to be followed to their logical conclusion with a healthy dose of realistic pessimism.

More likely then not, there is no "perfect" solution, just a "less worse then others" solution,and no matter what one does, you will have dissenters who are never sated.