Friday, February 25, 2011

A quick bit on the "Old Earth" vs. "Young Earth" business

I'm not going to go into exhaustive details here, since this is meant to be brief and simple.

So we have people thinking the Earth is 4.7-ish billion years old, and others that think it's only about 6,000 or so. The latter tend to be, in my experience, Christians or some variant thereof, and wildly unhappy about the Earth being very very old, because that would just uproot God's majesty! So here's my thought on that:

How does the age of the Earth determine God's majesty? You really think the age of a planet determines anything about God and his character? Seriously? You think that just BAM he made everything just as-is, the Grand Canyon and everything? Do you really think he's that uninteresting and uncreative?


Since when was it a cardinal sin to think that maybe, maybe, the Earth is somewhere in the billions-of-years-old category and believe there's a God?

That all being said, here, have some sky and dirt:

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Ian Wendt said...

I knew there was a good reason I liked you :) Nice post!