Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sky Fortress Day

An old friend came up with a marvelous idea:

Ever been to a sky fortress? Me neither, that is why I'm building one. I've been watching bullshit on making your reality by consistently thinking things into being, and above all, I want and need a sky fortress. So, on the aforementioned day, I need everyone I can get to think about a sky fortress, approximately 32, 493 feet above the Punjab India.

That day, friends, was today. As such, I have posted photos I (and my counterpart) took to commemorate the hootenanny that went on.My counterpart and I celebrated with Metal Gear Solid 1 and dinosaurs.

 Anti-pillow-tossing defense!



 Like John Lennon, but less popular.

 What nearly caused eviction from preschool still carries on...

 Not the same person with glasses as before!

Sometimes I miss high school, and only for the people.

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