Friday, July 15, 2011

Accidental Double Exposure

This was finally going well, finally, and then after I popped in the second filter for burning in the ground and double-checked my focus, I go and put the paper in upside down like a fool.

I think it turned out pretty radly, actually.

My current photo prof, who really is pretty cool, does have this obnoxious insistence that if you make something like the following photo it should be done on purpose. Every time. Of course, yes, you should get to the point where it is on purpose,  but you know what? We make mistakes, and we should be allowed to make mistakes; making certain mistakes can help us along the creating process much more than being told mistakes are always bad (don't take this as a rule for every situation, obviously). Take the image at hand-- total accident, but I would never have thought of flipping the paper to make a double exposure like this.

♪Woo-ee-oo it looks like Moholy-Nagy ♫ Hahaha

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weazzy said...

mistakes?? r good.. evry genetic mutation which creates the next move.. is a mistake.. u go girl!!