Friday, July 8, 2011

Unedited B&W Prints 3: Basket and chair shadows

If I really wanted to, I could probably concoct some ridiculous name for this photo, like "Peace in the Darkness," or something, and make a lot of money because of it. I should try that, yes? Part of me loves that idea, and another loathes it, but so it goes.

 Using a no. 0 filter at 35s.

Using a no. 2 filter at 35s.

Using a no. 2 filter at 40s.

Using a no. 4 filter at 35s.

I'll be entirely honest-- when I took this photo, I didn't notice the "peace symbol" at all, but rather the shadows in the wood grain and the basket, and the shape of the chair's shadows with the shape of the tiles. I think the no. 4 one is my favorite, but then really a "favorite" would depend entirely on the context it's being used in, hmm?


Molly Whitt said...

Cool! I really like the 0 and 4 filters. Great eye.

Ian Wendt said...

This picture makes me think of Ingmar Bergman movies.

Hat said...

Oh my. Thank you.