Saturday, July 23, 2011

野の花 / 花野

I'm not sure which would be more correct, 野の花 (wildflowers) or 花野 (field full of flowers). In any case, these particular flowers are yerba mansa. They have a very pleasant smell.

I could probably stand to edit this one a bit, but I like it enough to share it. Perhaps though what I need to do is get a macro lens for this camera so I can effectively photograph tiny things.

On the topic of lenses which leads me to the topic of my camera in general, my shutter seems to have decided in the past week to not shutter properly. My entire last roll of film, which I developed today, has a monstrous black line throughout; a repeating row of long triangles plagues it. This saddens me, since I had some lovely photos on it. Happily, though, I can salvage some of the photos, but likely not all of them. Alas.

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