Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unedited B&W Prints 3: Best Friend Day

There's not much that can beat a day with your best friends, especially if that day involves observing tortoises, snakes, 20'-long alligators, lobsters, snow leopards and fish. Zoos are fun places.

When I printed this, which I obviously need to do again, I'm pretty sure I the enlarger I was stationed at was whack; I got two or three different negatives printed with the same problem, that being the left side's (the bottom left corner, particularly) all blown out. After I moved to a different enlarger, I stopped having that problem. Hurray for community-use labs!

I'm thinking that, when I reprint this properly, I'll do it twice. Aside from letting light onto the paper for more time in general/burning in the sky, I'll try one at a 1 and another at a 3.5 or 4 filter. The choices! I rather like having photos that "pop," but I also like saving the detail that's in darker spots, like in the shirt and shorts here. Perhaps I'll also have an enlarger that doesn't give the guy on the left a GHOST LEG, hmm?

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